Friday, April 8, 2016

Posting How I Feel

All I want to pretend with this blog is to be a world in black and white, grayscale only, with a personal, critical, honest, artistic, cinephile, creative, imaginative, theatrical, emotional and sentimental to see the topics discussed, and that is attractive.

Music, film, theater, reviews, photography, performing arts, daily life, streets, cities, towns, etc, will surely foreground.

In the end, from when I created post, until today (the day after), I changed the title of the blog. It has gone to call time capsule to be called the Monocromista, passing several possibilities again, The polyhedron, Crazy poster, light and dark, brightness and contrast, modern times, no color, the silver galleon, etc.

My God, how difficult it is to put a different title, and also (this is the most difficult thing that you come ...), that is not caught by someone already. It's amazing that someone will always have the same thing happened to you.

In the black and white have always been something special. A special drama and great strength in his photographs. And not so much in movies in black and white, but you have to admit they have their great charm. In the picture in black and white, contrasts in black and white are very important. To me, at least I get quite a photograph taken in black and white.

For this reason, whenever possible, I will try that all content published on this blog, are made in black and white. Very difficult task, since a lot of material (videos, gadgets, followers, etc ...) originally and bring color and can not be changed in appearance, therefore, they have to remain intact.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dracula, The Play

A couple of weeks ago I was watching the play Dracula Theatre. I wanted to see one of my favorite Spanish actors, such as Emilio Gutiérrez Caba.

I went to the theater a little skeptical. The subject of Count Dracula, the truth, is already a bit trite, and did not think I was going to surprise you, but instead I took a big miss myself, and left quite happy theater. And that, that touched me to see him from the back of the theater, which makes for me you do not feel so within the work.

The clothing of the actors appearing on this poster has nothing to do with reality. Both the scenery and costumes in this work, is very elaborate, with period costumes and stage slick with a London air, and very dismal at times, playing with lights, fog and gloom.

This work, is based on the novel published in 1897 by Irishman Bram Stoker. The influence of this novel has made it to the theater, movies and television.
Bram Stoker used as a model of Castle Dracula, Bran Castle, is a castle in Romania, which is why it became a major focus of interest for tourism. This castle is near Brasov in Transylvania, and is open for tourists who can see inside alone, or part-guided tour.

Count Dracula, especially in film, they have "embodied" many actors:

Andrew Bryniarski, Atif Kaptan, Bela Lugosi, Carlos Villarías, Christopher Lee, Frank Langella, Gary Oldman, Gerard Butler.
I personally am left with two. As mysterious, Bela Lugosi. As terrifying, Christopher Lee.

I recommend going to see this play, while in the lineup is still on.